World Class Treatment For All

At The Performance Clinic you can experience the same level of world class therapy as an elite athlete. You don’t have to be from a sporting background to see our therapists! It means that the level of knowledge, care and expertise we provide you with is elite level. Whether your goal is the next Olympic Games or lifting your grandchild, we are here to help you maximise your potential and live a pain free and fully functional life. We offer an integrated team approach in injury management; assessing, treating and rehabilitating your injuries, whilst analysing the cause and offering a complete package of care to prevent further injuries.grandchild, we are here to help you live a pain free and fully functional life.

Our new Low Fell clinic will be opening in the next 6 weeks. Watch this space for more information.

New services we will be offering at our Low Fell Clinic:

- Yoga 
- Pilates 
- Cranio Sacral Therapy 
- Bike fitting 

These will be available along with our services we offer at the Sunderland Clinic.