Class Timetable at Low Fell: Starts 18th June

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May 17, 2017
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Class Timetable at Low Fell: Starts 18th June

The Classes at our Low Fell Studio will commence on Monday 12th June


 9.15 -10.30     Iyengar Yoga           with Maria    £8/7.00

10.30-11.30     Hatha Yoga             with Caireen £7/ 5.00

14.00-15.00    Over 50’s Pilates    with Hilary   £8/7.50/6.75 (over 60’s)

20.00-21.00   Physio Led Pilates  with Sarah    £7/6.00


9.15-10.30     Iyengar Yoga            with Maria    £8/7.00


12.30-13.30    Power Yoga             with Caireen £7/6.00


9.30-10.30     Pilates                       with Craig £7/6.00


9.00-10.00     Iyengar Yoga             with Nicola (Men only)£7/5.00

10.00-11.30     Iyengar Yoga            with Nicola (mixed ability) £8/7.00


13.00-14.00    Tango                         with JP (No partner required)    £7/6.00

14.00-16.30     Pilates Workshop   with Hilary (every 6 weeks)

(essential for new clients) £18

15.30-16.30     Pilates                        with Hilary    £8/ 7.50

16.30-17.30     Back Care Class        with Hilary   £8/ 7.50


Please NOTE: This studio focuses on small student numbers (maximum 6-8) This is not your large ‘village hall’ but a small personal class that provides close constant supervision to ensure that all exercises are done correctly and safely and maximises the benefits! There will be plenty of hands on, correction and adaptions to allow you to exercise with an injury. 

We encourage all clients who have not done pilates before or who are rusty to complete the workshop on Sunday 14.00-16.30 with Hilary, you can then filter into any pilates class throughout the week. This workshop will ensure you perform the basics correctly to get the most out of your class. Workshops will be available once every 6 weeks so don’t miss out!

We encourage to book a course. You will get a discount for doing this and it guarantees a place in the class. There is the option to pay as you go drop in but we cannot guarantee you a place.



Drop In £8.00  Course Booking £7.50 for Pilates 10% discount for over 60’s.


Drop In £7.00 Course booking £5.00 for one hour £8.00 Course booking £7.00 for 90 minutes.

Please note we will be taking online bookings (shortly!) or you can book and pay on the phone or in the clinic.

Please come to our Launch day where you can trial the sessions and meet our instructors.

Check out our Instructors on the Team Page under Low Fell.

Also check out the differences between classes.

The Back Care class is perfect for those who are scared to move in case they get injured, or are in pain, or have not tried pilates before.  Our therapists will work closely with the instructors to ensure your exercises are appropriate for you.

The Physio Led Pilates by Sarah will give you an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist with tons of experience. 

This class is for everyone of all abilities. She will work you hard and safely BUT  who will adapt your class if you do have an injury but want to keep on training.

Tango Classes!! Come on Folks – now you don’t have to travel to Newcastle! Tango has been proven to improve your mood, your coordination, reduce back pain and improve your mental faculties. You do not need a partner and you will feel more than welcome. Bring a friend for free if you like for your first time.

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