Maria Davies
Level 3 Yoga Instructor for The Performance Clinic

Maria has gained her Junior intermediate level 3 certificate in Yoga and is  now currently training to advance to the senior level and to become a Yoga teacher assessor.She trains and teaches yoga on a daily basis and in 2015 visited the Iyenga institute of yoga in India to help further her studies. As needed for a professional Yoga Instructor, Maria is very well organised, adapts and plans classes to suit all needs. With vast experience teaching she can recognise what beginners require and is more than happy to share her knowledge of simple and complex postures to ensure your goals are met for each session. A necessity of being an excellent Yoga Instructor and something Maria prides herself in, is the patience and enjoyment of getting to know her students, which is the perfect way to work out the best programme for The Performance Clinic clients and ensures that the exercise works for you but does not pose any risks. Let Maria help you to achieve your goals through the art of Yoga by calling our Low Fell Clinic on 0191 435056.

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John Paul
Argentine Tango Instructor for The Performance Clinic

John Paul has been involved in the amazing dance that is Argentine Tango for close to 13 years. He was intrigued by Tango and instantly spellbound by the way the couples danced intuitively to the music to create such beautifully connected and flowing movement, without being 'tied' to set sequences.
After attending classes and being asked to assist with them, John Paul felt the passion to teach his own which he now does in many different locations. With John Paul's vast experience The Performance Clinic is delighted to welcome him onto our team!
There have been many studies about how dance can be of great benefit to general health, both physically and mentally. The physical benefits are the most obvious, ie movement and therefore inbuilt exercise, but there are more subtle benefits to be gained; improved balance, body awareness and control, posture and mental acuity are all improved by dancing and even more so with Partner Dancing.
Argentine Tango itself has been the subject of studies into brain wave and body synchronisation patterns and was found to be the dance form that activated and stimulated the most areas in the brain, including the areas involved with intuition, creativeness, planning and pleasure as well as those involved in movement and balance.
Many who study this dance consider it to be very 'Zen' in its principles of shared harmony and experience, mixing the disciplines of mental and physical precision, to produce something almost metaphysical expressed as Dance Art. We are  really excited to bring a unique interpretive Argentine Tango workshop to our Low Fell clinic and share John Paul's enthusiasm with our clients.
Denise Ord

Denise Ord
Pilates Instructor for The Performance Clinic

Denise will be delivering Pilates at Low Fell, including begninners workshops and 1:1 sessions if requested.

Denise is a mother of two and a grandmother of one.  Having previously worked full time in the Civil Service for the majority of her 37 working years, whilst maintaining a balance between her social life, keeping fit and family life including raising her children and more recently her grandson.

Denise's love for Pilates helped in her recovery following a hysterectomy in 2007.  Following this she decided to pursue a qualification to teach Pilates.  Denise experienced a diagnosis and subsequent removal of a large benign brain tumour, she re-evaluated her life and decided to launch her own Pilates and Yoga business. 

Denise believes that by utilising her passion for Pilates, she can offer the opportunity for support in rehabilitation, reduction of stress and improving peoples posture and lifestyles.

Denise trained with Pilates Union Uk and is a CYQ level 3 accredited Pilates instructor, teaching mat and reformer classes to groups and individuals.  She works with clients to identify their specific requirements in pain reduction, rehabilitation, stress reduction, overall fitness and well being.


Instructor for The Performance Clinic