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Working at the Performance Clinic Low Fell we also have our therapists from our Sunderland Clinic Click here to read their profiles:

Penny Macutkiewicz Elite Sports Physiotherapist, & Director of the Performance Clinic.
Ryan Myers Osteopath, Strength and Fitness Coach & Sports Masseur
Claire Harrison Performance Nutritionist & Registered Dietician
Dr Paul Catterson Head of Medical Services / Club Doctor Newcastle United FC, Training Programme Director, Sports and Exercise Medicine, Northern Deanery, Consultant in Emergency Medicine.

Click here to read their profiles.

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Penny Shelley (Macutkiewicz)

Elite Sports Physiotherapist,  Director of The Performance Clinic


Ryan Myers

Osteopath, Strength and fitness coach, Sports Masseur

Penny specialises in sports injuries having worked in elite sport since 2002; with UK Athletics, British Swimming, British Rowing and the English Institute of Sport. Penny regularly travels the world to support the Great Britain Team and has worked at the Summer and Winter Paralympics (Turin 2006, Beijing 2008 and London 2012), the Rio 2016 test event, the Youth Olympics (Finland) the World University Games, World Athletics Championships, World Swimming Championships, Grand Prix events and European Championships. Penny has also worked on the World Grand Prix Circuit for World Superbikes, was Lead physiotherapist for Team GB Taekwondo and Lead Physio for British Paratriathlon. Penny was the Chief Physio for the Inaugral Invictus Games in 2014, Chief Physio at the World University Games in 2013. Penny is a Gold accredited member of the Association of Chartered physiotherapists in Sports and exercise medicine - an internationally recognised specialised group of physiotherapists working in sport. Penny is also an internationally certified Kinesio Tape Instructor. Bsc(Hons ) Physiotherapy. MSc (Advanced Clinical Practice) in Physiotherapy

Ryan is an osteopath, master personal trainer/ strength and fitness coach, sports massage therapist and serving physical training instructor within the Royal Marines Reserves. Ryan is also a World Record holder for deadlifting over 24 hours demonstrating phenomenal physical and mental strength,

Before graduating from the British College of Osteopathic medicine with a first class masters degree Ryan spent 10 years developing theoretical knowledge and practical experience within the health and fitness industry, both in private and military settings. During this time he has amassed a great deal of information from key influence's from within the rehabilitative, movement based therapy and strength and conditioning fields, whilst working with a diverse patient/client demographic ranging from the elderly and persistent pain patients to royal marine recruits and Olympic athletes.

The combination of academic knowledge and practical experience has created a therapist/trainer perfectly suited to deliver a multi-angled, holistic approach to health and fitness, using a variety of manual therapy techniques and exercise based protocols to meet client expectations wherever they may be in the pain to performance continuum. Ryan works closely with TPC therapists to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation.


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Catherine Williams
Cranio Sacral Therapist & LOCband Plagiocephaly Therapist

Catherine is a registered Cranio Sacral Therapist and Physiotherapist. She moved back to Newcastle 2 years ago after living in London 13 years. During her time in London she was a tutor at the London College of Cranio Sacral Therapy where she lectured and ran teaching clinics. She is a member of the Cranio Sacral Therapy Association, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Catherine treats adults, children and babies and over the last 13 years has also specialised in assessing and treating Positional Plagiocephaly otherwise known as 'flat head syndrome'.

After graduating in physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 1995, Catherine worked in various specialities both in the NHS and private practices in Sheffield and London.

Catherine enjoys treating adults, children, mothers and babies. She particularly enjoys using her Cranio Sacral work to treat adults and children and has a special interest in treating mother and baby and the effects of our birth experience using Cranio Sacral Therapy.


Steve Dobbs

Body Mechanic

Steve is interested in how efficiently your body is working. When you are not working efficiently you will create compensations.

It is often these compensations that will link to why you are experiencing pain or performance plateau’s that people seek treatment for.
Using a combination of approaches and assessments (including P-DTR, NKT and AiM) Steve looks to identify where problems are coming from always searching for why it is there rather than just treating the areas that are causing pain or are “tight” as they are rarely the main problem.
Steve has a background in performance having  studied Applied Sport Science at the University of Edinburgh and then going on to complete an MSc in Strength and Conditioning. However, he subsequently found more enjoyment in helping people overcome pain and movement problems or performance plateau’s than being involved directly in their training.
So if you are searching for an answer to ongoing problems that no-one has been able to get to the bottom of or are looking for a performance advantage and to decrease the risk of injury then get in contact to see how he may be able to help you.

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James Hunter
Shiatsu Sports Masseur

James has been a fully qualified and practising Shiatsu practitioner for over 12 years, with full registration to the Shiatsu Society. He is also qualified to level 4 as a sports massage therapist, with membership to the Sports Massage Association. This is complemented by his work as a qualified climbing coach, where he specialises in movement skills and development. James’ treatments are unique. They are bespoke to the client, combining a range of techniques from shiatsu, sports massage, acupressure and myofascial and muscle energy techniques (MET).

All of James’ treatments are delivered through clothing. Following an initial assessment, James will use his knowledge and expertise to support injury rehabilitation, enhance performance through recovery and mobilisation or simply to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience to enhance your fitness and well being.


Rob De'Giovanni
Chartered Physiotherapist  and Sports Masseur


Rob is a Chartered physiotherapist, but joining the team as a Sports Massage Therapist.  With a strong athletic background in long distance running and road cycling, Rob has a passion for competitive sport and with his experience working as a chartered Physiotherapist he understands the importance of a balanced approach to training, rehab and recovery.

Rob  is also a certified kettlebell instructor and level 3 personal trainer. This allows Rob to offer a functional approach to training and reconditioning, allowing for more efficient movement and recovery. He is able to tailor his massage therapy sessions to your recovery needs based on your current activities and training load.