Opening the Clinic 3rd June : Risk Assessment

Opening Date – 1st June 2020 . Covid-19 Guidelines
May 11, 2020
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May 31, 2020
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Opening the Clinic 3rd June : Risk Assessment

We are planning to start our clinics commencing 3rd June.

Please find our risk assessment below. Please contact us if you have any concerns or comments. Kind Regards


COVID-19 RISK ASSESSMENT MAY 2020 by Penny Shelley MD

Factors relevant to an assessment of COVID-19 risk include:

  • age
  • ethnicity
  • biological sex
  • disability
  • health conditions, and
  • pregnancy.
  • Travelling outside of UK
  • In contact with cases of COVID-19 without relevant PPE
What are the Hazards Who might be harmed What are we doing to control the risks
Respiratory contamination Client/ Therapist/ Receptionist/ Instructor 1. Pre screening survey completed online

2. Offer Online appointment as a preference

3. Limit 1 client per therapist in clinic at one time

4. Client to bring their own towel to avoid cross contamination

5. Providing timed space between each client to allow for social distancing

6. Providing PPE for therapists – visor

7. To encourage rehab > manual therapy

8. To provide hand washing facilities, including anti viral spray and hand gel

9. Clear communication with staff to ensure they are clear with guidelines and comfortable to work. Working remains their choice.

10. Client to wait in car park until therapist beckons

11. All areas that client touched to be cleaned between sessions.

12. Hand washing/antiviral spray mandatory on entering the premises.

13. Deep Clean after each clinic day

what further action do we need to take to control the risks Who needs to carry out the action When is this action needed by
1.Review the pre screening answers Manager and Therapist Prior to appointments
2. Follow governmental guidelines Manager and Therapist To follow the news



When will the risks be reviewed? After each daily session with communication with team. PS

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