Biomechanical Assessments / Screening & Gait Analysis

Preventing injury and optimising performance is beneficial to us all, whether on the sports field, at work or at home. Through a comprehensive assessment of spinal alignment, posture, muscle imbalance, biomechanics and flexibility, and gait analysis any imbalances will be identified. The biomechanical screening will be sport specific.

A programme addressing these inefficiencies will allow you to continue your sport or activity with a decreased risk of injury while enhancing your performance. This programme will increase your understanding of the body's correct mechanics, allowing you to incorporate this into future training.

A biomechanical assessment will assess 

The  fundamental, functional use of the body and includes 

revo run north east running man Posture Test - how the client carries their body.  
revo run north east running man Balance Test - how well balanced the body is.
revo run north east running man Flexibility Test

We also offer a Running School – REVO – Revolutionise your running

Most people have never been taught how to run correctly. Changes in your running biomechanics can dramatically improve your running economy and efficiency, reducing the amount of energy you use. This all leads to faster times and less injuries.

After a movement analysis including balance, strength and core tests we will analyse how you run "Gait analysis". (performed on a treadmill)

The results of these tests allow us to coordinate your tailored programme. We use leading technology to provide you with clear data to allow you to see your progressions and changes.
This will be a step by step guide and coaching protocol and your homework can be completed over a time frame suited to your goals.

For example you may pick up skills quickly and thus can perform sessions on consecutive weeks where as strength gains may take longer and thus 2 sessions may be spread out over a number of weeks.
You have the option to add on "bolt ons" for added sessions on areas you struggle with and need further development. See REVO website.

Revo Run Gait Analysis

Revo Run Basic Video Analysis

Revo Run Biomechanical Analysis

Revo Run Xsens Analysis

revo run

The Running school package:
After the Client has chosen their individual analysis package:
Following gait analysis, the REVO trainer will plan a specific programme to achieve their goals. The Running School.


Xsens 3d Movement Analysis

Xsens 3D Analysis" allows the client to get a full 3D human Kinematic measurement.

Xsens 3d Movement Analysis: 

The runner wears a lycra suit allowing the computer to use state of the art  sensors to make a highly accurate kinematic biomechanical model of them. Using this data we can see exactly how the body is functioning and therefore making correction far easier to understand.