Tango: No Partner Required

There have been many studies about how dance can be of great benefit
to general health, both physically and mentally.

The physical benefits are the most obvious, ie movement and therefore inbuilt exercise, but there are more subtle benefits to be gained; improved balance, body awareness and control, posture and mental acuity are all improved by dancing and even more so with Partner Dancing.

Argentine Tango itself has been the subject of studies into brain wave and body synchronisation patterns and was found to be the dance form that activated and stimulated the most areas in the brain, including the areas involved with intuition, creativeness, planning and pleasure as well as those involved in movement and balance. It was also found that the couples who found ‘Connection’ [the Holy Grail of all Tango dancers], were also found to begin to synchronise brain wave patterns, heart rates and body rhythm, resulting in a harmony of being [sometimes referred to as the Tango Bubble]. Many who study this dance consider it to be very
‘Zen’ in its principles of shared harmony and experience, mixing the disciplines of mental and physical precision, to produce something almost metaphysical expressed as Dance Art.

John Paul brings his experience to these Tango workshops
Imagine Cuba, sunshine, Mojitos and Dance.