Performance Nutrition

For any sporting individual aspiring to be a better athlete and compete at their best a good diet cannot be ignored. A poor diet can lead to injury, fatigue, stress, lack of wellness and delayed recovery.

Nutrition plays an important role in improving performance and recovery. Competition nutrition strategies can also be pivotal in sports performance at various stages of a season. When injured, nutrient manipulation is critical to the healing process & inflammatory responses can be curtailed through appropriate dietary advice. Indeed the combination of physiotherapy and selective nutrition can optimise rehabilitation from all injuries. We can offer this complimentary approach to recovery and help athletes resume training quickly and correctly.

Living a healthy lifestyle today is not always easy. A hectic schedule and lack of finances can often leave our eating patterns open to abuse or neglect.

Claire, our Performance Nutritionist will be able to identify specific dietary requirements, food intolerances or allergies and nutrient deficiencies. In other instances, some individuals may need support and guidance for disordered eating or food phobias.

Whatever the problem and whatever the individual's needs, the first step is to undertake an appropriate nutritional assessment in order to establish dietary requirements. Consultations will encompass a nutritional assessment and the development of personalised eating programmes that are practical and feasible within the context of your lifestyle whilst addressing your nutritional requirements. Claire will create a way of eating that works for you, is nutritionally optimal and is long term. There are no quick fixes to good health. Positive steps are an investment in a healthier future and appropriate eating practices need to be well established in order to work.

In order to undergo a nutritional assessment and establish a personal training diet or competition nutrition strategy or for nutritional support during your injury and rehabilitation, contact The Performance Clinic and make an appointment with our Performance Nutritionist and Registered Dietician Claire Harrison.